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Volume 8 Issue 3 2022

Customer Retention Among The Patrons of Food Service Providers Through Social Communication by Person with Disabilities: A Review
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Dinnie Sakinah Bahtiar, Sharifah Zannierah Syed Marzuki

For every person, social communication is an essential part of everyday life, and the same goes for people with disabilities (PWDs). All working personnel is required to have good communication to carry out the basic tasks of management when referring to business entities. Consequently, the primary objective of this review is to strengthen and acknowledge the social impact of communication given by PWDs although discrimination and inequalities still exist anywhere. To facilitate optimum communications, the organization needs to have a contingency approach in place. This is to ensure that the information stream flows seamlessly from one to another. Nowadays the ability to communicate with others around the world is getting easier for normal people but for PWDs is still under debate. PWDs have long faced problems with personal and environmental factors including negative attitudes, inaccessible transportation, public buildings, and also limited social support. It is high time for employers to acknowledge the significance of integrating disability into their talent management policies. The Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development can provide continuous support to ensure job opportunities are being offered for PWDs. The challenges faced by PWDs have been heavily discussed where the experiences of individuals with disabilities are too frequently neglected or ignored. This paper looks into the significant contribution that PWDs can offer concerning customer retention as far as social communication is concerned

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