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Volume 8 Issue 3 2022

Building a Framework for Urban Poor Entrepreneurship Model: A Conceptual Paper
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Noor Faizah Mohd Lajin, Rohana Ngah, Hardy Loh Rahim

This paper discusses the development of urban poor entrepreneurship conceptually. The migration of low-skilled and low-educated people formed an urban poor community in the cities. They face difficulty, especially in terms of economic challenges, and the pandemic of Covid19 makes it even worse. The urban poor community is vulnerable to the exogenous factor of economic shocks, increases in the cost of living, and mounting financial obligations. The unequal economic distribution would contribute to major social issues in the future. Entrepreneurship is the way to bring out B40 from poverty. Due to the pandemic Covid19, the unemployment rate has increased, and the urban poor is badly affected. Most of them must turn to entrepreneurial activity to survive economically. These entrepreneurs have been involved in entrepreneurship due to the economic downturn. However, not much is known about them, especially regarding the entrepreneurial personality traits of the community. Furthermore, entrepreneurship studies on urban poor entrepreneurs of urban poor are scarce. This research focuses on entrepreneurial personality traits on entrepreneurial success. This research would support the Shared Prosperity Vision of addressing wealth and income disparities so that no one is left behind as the economy progresses.

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