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Volume 8 Issue 3 2022

Entrepreneurial Personality Traits Towards Entrepreneurial Potential of TVET Students in Malaysia: A PLS-SEM Approach
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Norffadhillah Rofa, Rohana Ngah

The paper explores the effects of the need for achievement and entrepreneurial innovativeness on the entrepreneurial potential of TVET students in Malaysia. In addition, the moderating impact of entrepreneurial mentoring is also examined. A survey was carried out online due to the pandemic COVID-19. Two hundred fifty-two usable responses were then analysed using Structural Equation Modelling of Partial Least Square. Findings showed that a positive relationship exists between entrepreneurial potential, the need for achievement, and the entrepreneurial innovation of students. However, entrepreneurial mentoring does not moderate the relationships between entrepreneurial personality and entrepreneurial potential. Previous research on entrepreneurial mentoring as a moderator still needs more extensive study. The study provides insights into the entrepreneurial potential of TVET students. Recommendations and suggestions are provided

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