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Volume 10 Issue 1 2024

Business management competencies and financial performance of Persons with Disabilities Cooperatives (PWDCs) in the Philippines
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Angelita S. Villaruel

Persons with Disabilities Cooperatives (PWDCs) face numerous challenges, including resource allocation, vision development, technology adaptation, and member diversity. The present study survey selected PWDCs in the Philippines to evaluate their business management competencies and correlates it with their financial performance. Using the descriptive research method, a total of 183 respondents, including officers, managers, and staff from sixteen registered primary PWDCs nationwide participated in the survey. Findings indicate an impressive and dynamic PWDCs profiles and a significant association between the business management competencies and financial performance was found. However, the business management competency of PWDCs is satisfactory and needs improvement. To address these challenges, PWDCs should adopt a more scientific and technologically driven approach to business management. Collaborations with government and non-government institutions are essential. It is recommended that PWDCs seek educational and technical assistance from academic and authoritative institutions.

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